And so if I had been tempted to laugh at her in her

The twittering of the birds at daybreak sounded
insipid to Françoise. Every word uttered by the
maids upstairs made her jump; disturbed by all
their running about, she kept asking herself what
they could be doing. In other words, we had
moved. Certainly the servants had made no less
noise in the attics of our old home; but she knew
them, she had made of their comings and goings
familiar events. Now she faced even silence with a
strained attention. And as our new neighbourhood
appeared to be as quiet as the boulevard on to
which we had hitherto looked had been noisy, the
song (distinct at a distance, when it was still quite
faint, like an orchestral motif) of a passer-by
brought tears to the eyes of a Françoise in exile.
And so if I had been tempted to laugh at her in her
misery at having to leave a house in which she was
'so well respected on all sides' and had packed her Free 5.0 Mens

The Guermantes Way by Marcel Proust from Nalanda Digital Library  Free 4.0 V3 Mens
Project Gutenberg File Converted into PDF by Nalanda 7
trunks with tears, according to the Use of Combray,
declaring superior to all possible houses that which
had been ours, on the other hand I, who found it as
hard to assimilate new as I found it easy to abandon
old conditions, I felt myself drawn towards our old
servant when I saw that this installation of herself in
a building where she had not received from the hallporter,
who did not yet know us, the marks of
respect necessary to her moral wellbeing, had
brought her positively to the verge of dissolution.

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