name and address and so on, then carefully inked the

I had nothing to do with store thefts. I was far too cowardly and prudent to so
conspicuously break the law. My contribution was to make, by hand, forged driver’s
licenses. These were, if I say it myself, small masterpieces—albeit bearing in mind

state driver’s licenses were not terribly sophisticated in those days. They were really

pieces of heavy blue paper, the size of a credit card, with a kind of wavy watermark. My
stroke of brilliance was to realize that the back of my father’s checks had almost

the same wavy pattern. If you cut one of his checks to the right size, turned it over,

with the aid of a T square, covered the blank side with appropriate-sized boxes for the
bearer’s name and address and so on, then carefully inked the words “Iowa Department
of Motor Vehicles” across the top with a fine pen and a straight edge, and produced a

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other small flourishes, you had a pretty serviceable fake driver’s license.
If you then put the thing through an upright office typewriter such as my father’s,
entering false details in the little boxes, and in particular giving the bearer a

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date of birth, you had a product that could be taken to any small grocery store in town
and used to acquire limitless quantities of beer.

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