an arm far down his throat, grabbed hold of something deep

 A boy named
Walter Haskins once unthinkingly scratched the side of his head near the basket, and the
next instant was hit square in the face so hard with a ball that the front of his head

completely concave. They had to use a bathroom plunger to get it back to normal, or so I
was told.
The black kids were all immensely tough, too. I once saw an overfed white lummox
named Dwayne Durdle foolishly and remorselessly pick on a little black kid named
Tyrone Morris in the serving line in the cafeteria, and when Tyrone could take no more,
he turned with a look of weariness and sad exasperation and threw a flurry of punches
into Durdle’s absorbent face so fast that you didn’t actually see his hands move. All

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heard was a kind of rubbery flubba-da-dubba sound and the ping of teeth ricocheting off
walls and radiators. As Durdle sank to his knees, glassy-eyed and gurgling, Tyrone

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an arm far down his throat, grabbed hold of something deep inside, and turned him inside
“Goddamn fool muthah-fuckah,” Tyrone said in amazed dismay as he retrieved his tray
and continued on to the dessert section.
Mostly, however, there were almost no overt bad feelings between blacks and whites at
Callanan. The black kids were poorer than the rest of us more or less without exception,
but otherwise were just the same in nearly all respects. They mostly came from solid,
hardworking homes.

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